Web Development Overview

Web Development is the work of making a website function properly on the Internet. A web developer mostly writes code. (Code is computer-language instructions dictating how the website will look and "behave".) Website code is written in a suitable application, such as Coda, Dreamweaver, or even Notepad. Dreamweaver provides a visual view, but a web developer must be able to work with code, "under the hood". For businesses needing only a simple, templated site, there are online services that enable this for a monthly fee. For a website that stands above the crowd, custom web development is a must. We offer:

Front-end Development: Coding that dictates the website's look-and-feel, along with basic interactivity. The primary languages are HTML/CSS, and Javascript plus variations (like JQuery). The code is written, then tested in current browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) and mobile devices. The resulting website should be fast-loading, accessible, and bug-free.

Back-end Development: Writing additional layers of code for advanced functionality. There are many back-end languages, such as PHP/MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and so on. Advanced functionality can include:

  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce - selling online
  • User forums
  • Online registration for classes or events
  • Members-only areas
  • Multi-lingual sites
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogs
  • E-newsletters

Deployment, Maintenance, Updates: When ready to "go live", the website must be successfully deployed, then maintained over time. As needed, we recommend and interact with your other vendors (domain registrar, web host) to help keep the website stable and secure. We also work with older sites to bring the code up-to-date and make needed changes.

What can we do for your site?

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